About Me

Hello and Welcome!

I’m Mara and I’ve probably been having a midlife crisis for the last 15 years but don’t tell anyone because I am thoroughly enjoying it.
maras musings

I live in Somerset with my long suffering husband, daughter and dog.  The eldest 2 offspring have managed to escape but so far my youngest daughter hasn’t figured out her way past the booby traps.

I love to write about ‘stuff’ – mainly what I find meaningful, important or just want to get off my chest.  I try not to offend anyone but have been known to fail spectacularly at this.

I’ve had lots of jobs but right now I sell books in the weird and wacky world of Glastonbury retail – I could tell you some stories, and probably will.  When I’m not propping up a shop counter being fabulous I am working as an audio transcriptionist, proofreading, publishing books and pandering to my new passion; photography.

I’m also actively working on that old bucket list which generally involves Camper Van Maras Musingstraveling around either overseas or in Arlo, my 1988 VW rust bucket/money pit camper van before my knees, bladder and hips pack up.

Thanks for popping in and please do leave comments, and like and share.  It makes me feel all warm and slushy inside.

Hope to see you again soon.