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Post Travel Brexit Ranting – Can we please just stay?

October 16, 2017
Brexit EU

We are now well and truly on our way to leaving the EU following the Brexit vote.  The more places I visit within the EU the more I come to believe that all of the ‘issues’ that we apparently have as a result of ‘Brussels’ that were trotted out by the pro-Brexit lobby are a total myth.  It seems that actually across the EU people seem to be able to get on with their day to day lives perfectly well with little to no regard for the EU at all.

We seem to be entering the Brexit negotiations from the position of wanting all the benefits of the EU with none of the responsibilities and certainly not the bills.

Our currency took a dive from which it has still not fully recovered and then suddenly all those people who had happily voted ‘leave’ realised we would no longer get EU subsidies, could no longer retire to go and live in Spain at the drop of a hat or even go on holiday as easily or as cheaply once we leave the EU.   Hello?  What did you actually expect?

Yes, we did have an Empire (PAST tense), what we have now is a huge sense of entitlement and a stick up our collective arse.

‘Getting our country back’ – because we have ‘no room’, blah blah.  Newsflash – being an Island does not give you the monopoly on limited space.  Last I heard all countries in the EU have finite space, these are universally known as ‘borders’.  Those things certain people were so keen on ‘getting control’ of exist around the whole world even within the EU.  Who knew?

Remember how we were all braced for a huge influx of Rumanians desperate to move to a cold, unwelcoming country to claim £73 a week?  Probably you don’t because it never happened.  You never really hear about ‘benefit tourism’ in other EU countries. Why?  Because their governments have rules regarding length of residency, economic activity and so on before you can claim.  Despite claims that people can walk into the UK and claim, we have the self-same rules here.  Don’t believe me – check it out here or here.

Also,  have you seen Italy or Greece?!  Why the hell would anyone come here where our climate sucks, people are wound up tighter than – I dunno, a really, really, very tight thing – all for the princely sum of £73 a week?

I have seen no evidence of the excessive health and safety laws people constantly bang on about in other EU countries I have visited.  No evidence of rules on straight bananas or perfect veg.   In actual fact, people seem to cherry pick a lot more what rules and regs they actually follow.

Mention any of this now and you are branded a ‘remoaner’.  However, while we are still in ‘us and them’ mode this situation will continue simply because people are too proud to admit they were actually wrong and are still in the ‘we won, you lost’ state of mind.  The reality is, we’ve all lost so much.  Some of us haven’t realised it yet.


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