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Goodbye Dear Friend

December 24, 2017
writing friend

So long we have been together;
46 glorious years
Full of fun and sorrow,
of laughter and of tears.

You were new and shiny when we met,
I took you for granted back then,
But now I miss you deeply,
More than I can say, dear friend.

I was my own undoing
I did not care as much as I could,
I nurtured you so little,
You were a hassle, such a chore,
I acted with resignation and resentment,
You just weren’t that exciting anymore.

So now you are gone,
I will long remember the pain our parting,
With such a huge gap left behind,
how can that ever be filled?

But nature abhors a vacuum,
And frankly, so do I,
You have been replaced,
with a false tooth.
Life is hard, but not as hard as poetry,
or my heart.

Goodbye, my old front tooth.

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