Invisible Woman (Poetry)

By on February 3, 2018
Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman


I am an invisible woman.

Age makes me invisible.

Men no longer call me from buildings or cars.

Men no longer try to touch me uninvited.

I like this.

I enjoy my invisibility.


I am an invisible woman.

But sometimes people see me.

These people want my humour,

My wisdom, my experience.

These people pay genuine compliments

and give heartfelt invitations.

I like this.

But mostly I am invisible.


I am an invisible woman.

I work behind the scenes.

Facilitating others.

The lack-lustre drudge of my life

reflected in the vibrancy of theirs.

But all of this is hidden.

I am mostly invisible.


I am an invisible woman.

Sometimes I am screaming inside.

Sometimes I want to be recognised.

Just for a moment

to pull back the veil and be seen.

But mostly I am just invisible.


I am an invisible woman.

Sometimes like today people see me.

Sometimes they realise where I am,

who I am, what I do.

They appreciate and value.

I like this.

I like the brief moments when I am seen.

But mostly I remain invisible.



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Wild, Wonderful, Inspiring Women!

By on September 29, 2017

There are so many wonderful inspirational women out there and when we are lucky enough to meet them we should be singing their praises.  I believe that as women we spend far too much time competing with each other and in that spirit here is the first of what will probably turn into a series of much-abridged lists of some of the top wild, wonderful and inspiring women I  am privileged to know or have known:

Ms K – brought up 3 children mostly on her own, got qualified into a good career, paid off her mortgage before she hit 50 and managed to do most of it with a smile on her face.

Ms  C – lived through a long-term abusive relationship, hit the depths, climbed back up, got right back on her feet and went off to start a new life.

Ms  W – has had the most amazing life and inspiring life. I totally admire this woman; she is independent, intelligent, artistic, interesting and a super creative individual.

Ms B – has really inspired me with her writing.  I can honestly say that had I not met Ms B and started reading her work I would not have started this blog.

Ms  R – despite having had a horribly debilitating and invisible illness has managed to hold down a really demanding job and be super supportive to others into the bargain.

Think about the women in your life and some of the awful circumstances many of them have not only survived but blossomed and grown as a result of. Women are often portrayed as ‘the weaker sex’ but I actually believe the opposite is the case. We are conditioned to be fearful (and boring) when we are actually naturally the total opposite of this.

A misogynist no longer a part of my life once proclaimed that ‘getting hold of an adult woman is like having a tiger by the tail; it (sic) needs to be brought to heel’. I later learned that being a ‘tiger’ ie, independent, free-thinking, intelligent and capable is usually a bit of a selling point to people I actually want in my life. Go figure.


We are Wild

We are Wonderful

We are Wise

We are Strong

We are Women and we will NEVER be brought to heel! ROAR!


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